Submission and presentation

Examination formalities

The seminar consists of two parts:

  • a presentation followed by a discussion (approx. 20 mins; accounts for 40% of the grade)
  • a written report (approx. 7.500 words, cf. FAQ; accounts for 60% of the grade)

In addition, you are expected to take an active part in the discussions. For your own presentation, ask your supervisor if a template is used with your chair. Apply the knowledge you have gained in the presentation workshop and pay attention to creating an appealing slide design. Practice your presentation several times in advance so that you can present it competently within the time limit. This is especially helpful if you tend to get nervous during presentations. During the following discussion you can also prove that you have dealt intensively with the topic.

Before submitting your final written report, make sure there are no obvious formatting errors (such as moved images or non-updated directories). Of course, you should also pay attention to correct spelling and grammar. It is recommended you read your own text several times on different days and, if necessary, have someone else read it too. Normally the seminar paper is submitted to the supervisor by e-mail. If you have to submit your work in a different way, your supervisor will inform you in advance.

A general insight into important aspects of scientific work and possible questions for evaluation can be found in the document "Seminar Guide 'Quality of Scientific Work'" in the Moodle Course.

Please note in your schedule that the deadline is fixed for all students, even in case of illness. Therefore, you should work on your topic early enough, as an untimely submission will inevitably be evaluated as failure (grade 5.0) and correspondingly incur penalty points.

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