Why did you decide to study Business Information Systems at the UDE?

"I decided to study Business Information Systems because I was enthusiastic about computers and the digital world from an early age. As my enthusiasm for the digital world grew over the years, so did my desire not only to use IT systems, but to understand them and actively participate in their design. My choice of study location was largely pragmatic, as the University of Essen is close to where I live. Compared to other universities, Essen attaches great importance to Business Information Systems, which is (not only) reflected in the large number of chairs and courses offered."

What did you notice positively during your studies?

"The study of Business Information Systems demands a lot of us students - no question about it. However, if you are really interested in the subject and the contents, lecturers and professors will give you all the help you could wish for. You are constantly motivated to ask questions, discuss and critically question facts. One should never shy away from direct contact with the teachers - because only those who ask are helped. The combination of business and IT was particularly positive for me. At the interface between two disciplines you get interesting insights and learn to look at things from different perspectives. It would be a big mistake to see Business Information Systems as a mere mixture of business administration and computer science - it is much more than that. Especially towards the end of my studies I noticed another very positive point: the job opportunities are excellent! Those who have a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems are in great demand on the job market and will be remunerated accordingly."