Fr, 13. Dez. 2013   Jendrian, Simon

Paper accepted for publication in the International Journal of Project Organisation and Management

The paper, “Realizing value from projects: A performance based analysis of determinants of successful realization of project benefits,” by Dr. Kunal Mohan, Prof. Frederik Ahlemann, and Dr. Jessica Braun was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Project Organisation and Management. Abstract: Although organizations continue to develop and implement information technology (IT), the successful realization of value (i.e. benefits) from such investments has consistently been reported as one of the major organiational challenges, because it generally falls short of expectations. In order to realize value from IS investments, Benefits Management (BM) has evolved over the past two decades as a management discipline. From a project perspective, we examine which factors are necessary to realize IS developments’ anticipated value. To better understand the role of BM determinants and their impact on successful benefits realization, we apply a partial-least-squares-based (PLS) structural equation modeling (SEM) technique on data collected from 456 individuals. We use the results to perform a performance analysis in order to investigate the improvement potential of the identified BM practices and supporting contextual factors from a strategic, as well as an action-oriented, perspective. We find that, currently, the greatest potential to increase the probability of successful benefits realization lies in the improvement of the ability to continuously review the status of benefits realization in projects. On the other hand, we find that providing project stakeholders with incentives to align their individual goals and interests with the common objective of realizing planned project benefits is perceived as ineffective