Mon, 31. Mar. 2014   Jendrian, Simon

Start of the innovation circle “Enterprise Architecture Management”

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management, in collaboration with several companies, has started an innovation circle on current topics in Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). Enterprise Architecture Management offers a conceptual framework and the required toolset for a target-oriented, integrated design of enterprise architecture from a holistic perspective of the organization and IT landscape. The members of the innovation circle will regularly learn about the current topics in and challenges of EAM as experienced in science and practice. Furthermore, the innovation circle is focused on networking and experience exchange between its members. The core aspects of the innovation circle are, among others:
  • Application portfolio management and standardization
  • Governance and steering of enterprise architectures
  • Modeling of enterprise architectures
  • Roles and steering committees for successful enterprise architecture management
The first Kick-Off-Workshop will take place in June/July. For further information and registration, please contact david.hoffmann (at)