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 Mi, 24. Sep. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Lecture “IT-Projektmanagement” to be held in blended learning format in 2015 summer term

Currently, the SITM chair is revising the teaching concept for its bachelor lecture “IT-Projektmanagement.” A new blended learning concept will improve the teaching and learning conditions for all the participants. In short,...

 Do, 11. Sep. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

SITM conducted study on effective portfolio governance with Lufthansa AirPlus

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management collaborated with Lufthansa AirPlus on a study to determine the principles of effective project portfolio governance. Project portfolio governance refers to standardized...

 Di, 26. Aug. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Article published in Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management

The article "Standardisierung der Unternehmens-IT – Der weite Weg vom Lippenbekenntnis zu nachhaltigem Nutzen" by Sven Dittes, Prof. Nils Urbach, and Prof. Frederik Ahlemann has been published in Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management...

 Mi, 13. Aug. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

DU-IT cooperates with SITM chair

As of May 2014 the DU-IT (the IT service provider of the municipality of Duisburg and the DVV group) and the SITM chair have collaborated on a joint project. The project was set up to improve the management and steering of IT...

 Mi, 16. Jul. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Prof. Ahlemann held a presentation at the PMO Days 2014 titled “Project Management Office – Quo Vadis? Von der Support-Einheit für Projektleiter zur strategischen Stabsfunktion”

On July 1, Prof. Ahlemann held a presentation at the Project Management Office (PMO) Days 2014 titled “Project Management Office – Quo Vadis? Von der Support-Einheit für Projektleiter zur strategischen Stabsfunktion”. The...

 Di, 08. Jul. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Florian Hesselmann honored at Dies Academicus

On Wednesday, June 25, Florian Hesselmann was honored at the Dies Academicus event for his master thesis “Towards Effective Implementations of Benefits Management – A Design Theory,” which was also successfully published at the...

 Sa, 05. Jul. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Students rate “Strategic Planning of IS” course highly

The evaluation of the “Strategic Planning of IS” course, presented by Prof. Frederik Ahlemann has been disclosed. When questioned about the lecture’s learning effect, nearly 40% of the students gave the lecture the best possible...

 Mi, 02. Jul. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Prof. Ahlemann appointed to the advisory board of the Institute for Information Technology at Volkswagen

Prof. Ahlemann has accepted an invitation to serve on the advisory board of the Institute for Information Technology at Volkswagen. He will contribute his expertise in strategic IT management. The Institute for Information...

 Sa, 28. Jun. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

“CIO Handbuch 2014/15” released

The "CIO Handbuch 2014/15" has been released and is now available on Symposion Publishing’s website (see link below). Dr. Andreas Drechsler and Prof. Frederik Ahlemann contributed to the book with their chapter on “IT project...

 Di, 24. Jun. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

DAAD offers an internship in New York City for 6 months

The DAAD New York office offers a high-level internship in network administration. They seek information technologies majors, or graduate students near the end of their studies. The internship is in New York City in a Windows...

 Di, 17. Jun. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Guest lecture on Service Level Agreements and Reporting Instruments by Campana & Schott on June 4

Sven Kreimendahl (Campana & Schott) held a guest lecture in German in the course of the IT Controlling lecture of 4 June. Mr. Kreimendahl has worked as a management consultant on international projects for several years. He...

 Sa, 14. Jun. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Paper nominated for DESRIST 2014 Best Paper Award

We are proud to announce that the paper “What kind of artifacts are we designing? An analysis of artifact types and artifact relevance in IS journal publications” by Dr. Andreas Drechsler and Philipp Dörr has been nominated for a...

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