Mo, 09. Dez. 2013   Jendrian, Simon

Successful kick-off of IIS4Energy network in Mannheim

The industry network Innovative Information Systems for the Energy Sector (IIS4Energy) was successfully launched on November 25 in Mannheim. Prof. Frederik Ahlemann and Prof. Alexander Mädche welcomed 11 participants from electric companies, software vendors specialized in the energy sector, and consulting firms. The network was set up to foster collaboration between its participants. It focuses on innovative concepts for business information systems and their management in the energy sector. During the kick-off workshop, the members agreed on three major fields of activity:
  • Innovative use cases and applications of business information systems
  • Platforms for IS in the energy sector
  • Management of complex IS architectures in the energy sector
The IIS4Energy network warmly welcomes new members.