Mi, 28. Apr. 2021   Jagals, Marvin

SITM Paper wird für die 29te European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) angenommen

Wir freuen uns mitteilen zu können, dass das Paper “Inter-Organizational Data Governance: A Literature Review” für die Präsentation und Veröffentlichung bei der European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2021) angenommen wurde. Verfasst wurde das Paper von Marvin Jagals und Erik Karger.

Paper abstract

Digitization and the associated quantitative increase of data continue to advance. New business models solely based on data are emerging, and they create new forms of cooperation. Companies share their data in inter-organizational networks, and this new form of interaction also requires a new form of governance. Existing governance approaches that only operate within company boundaries cannot achieve this. To overcome this, we conducted a systematic literature review. We identified four constructs of inter-organizational governance on which our research framework is built, serving as a basis for our results. These constructs are structure, processes, participants, and success, and we identified various findings within their domains. This contribution reflects the current state of research and lays a foundation for future efforts. Based on the results, we propose several research streams for an in-depth examination of the individual constructs. Limitations include possible undiscovered contributions within the literature analysis.

Das Ziel der ECIS 2021 besteht darin, Personen und Forscher aus der Information-Systems Community zusammenzubringen, um über fundamentale und innovative Fragen aus dem Bereich der Information Systems zu diskutieren. Seit dem erstmaligen Stattfinden im Jahr 1993 hat sich die ECIS zur wichtigsten und prestigeträchtigsten europäischen Konferenz im Bereich Information Systems Research entwickelt. Die ECIS 2021 wird vom 14.-16. Juni in Marrakesch, Marokko stattfinden.