Mo, 16. Nov. 2020   Karger, Erik

Prof. Ahlemann represents SITM chair at Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität

The 13th Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität will take place in Duisburg in June 2021.

Scientists and industry representatives are invited to participate in the conference, which focuses on mobility and related matters. This forum enables interested researchers and practitioners to engage in discussions about recent findings related to the mobility area. This year’s event incorporates the topic “Making Connected Mobility Work” and highlights how customer-oriented solutions can be put into practice and how they can change the future of mobility.

The event will be divided into five tracks. Prof. Ahlemann, Prof. Jutta Geldermann, and Prof. José Marrón will host track 4 on “Accelerating Mobility Transformation: Veränderungen von Wertschöpfungsketten im Rahmen der Mobilitätstransformation, IT Infrastruktur und Informationssysteme für die Mobilitätstransformation” This track will shed light on IT solutions that can change the future of mobility and infrastructure.

Interested researchers and practitioners can submit an abstract (250 words) until January 31, 2021. Based on this abstract, the track chairs will decide whether the final paper is suitable for submission.

We would like to encourage everyone who is interested in this exciting topic to submit their own ideas and contribute to the ongoing debate on this area. More information can be found in the attached document.