Mo, 01. Feb. 2021   Reining, Dr. Stefan

Wissenschaftlicher Beitrag “Knowledge Accumulation in Design Science Research: Ways to Foster Scientific Progress” wird in der Fachzeitschrift ACM SIGMIS Database veröffentlicht

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Wir freuen uns mitteilen zu können, dass der wissenschaftliche Beitrag Knowledge Accumulation in Design Science Research: Ways to Foster Scientific Progress”, verfasst von Stefan Reining, Frederik Ahlemann, Benjamin Müller & Rahul Thakurta, zur Veröffentlichung in der Fachzeitschrift „ACM SIGMIS Database“ angenommen wurde.






Design science research (DSR) is increasingly prominent in the information systems discipline. However, despite a lively discourse, and methodical and conceptual advances notwithstanding, DSR contributions are rarely cumulative and mostly remain isolated. This lack of cumulative research impedes scientific progress and practical impact. Our goal in this paper is to help establish a cumulative tradition in DSR by proposing (1) a general, consensus-oriented, evolutionary process model of scientific progress based on a synthesis of different streams in the philosophy of science, (2) quality criteria for DSR contributions corresponding to the individual steps in the process model, (3) actions that the IS community as a whole can take to facilitate adherence to these quality criteria. We expect that our work can pave the way towards developing a more cumulative research tradition in DSR and thereby foster genuine scientific progress in the field.