Mi, 28. Mai. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

Collaboration between RWE IT and SITM

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management supported the RWE Group's IT Governance department in a project lasting several months. The goal was to transfer new research results to practice.

The project was set up to improve the control of the IT demands, originating from the management and which IT solutions have to meet.

This project is a successful example of a cooperation between industry and our chair. Our research was able to achieve practical benefits by making RWE's IT department more efficient and effective. In addition, the University Duisburg-Essen confirmed the practical relevance of its research.

It is RWE IT’s task to fulfill local IT demands and, at the same time, realize greater synergy effects across the decentralized business units. The project was a specific challenge due to the complex and heterogeneous enterprise architecture of the multinational RWE group. Furthermore, most of the IT systems at RWE IT are diverse and highly interconnected.

SITM supported RWE IT with their new and unique IT demand management concept. The chair recently developed and applied this concept in cooperation with another big international company. Together with RWE IT, the concept was adapted to fit the special circumstances at RWE. The focus was on creating efficient structures for the future that foster the creation of synergies in the IT systems, while also satisfying all the IT demands as best as possible. www.rwe.com/web/cms/de/37110/rwe/presse-news/pressemitteilungen/pressemitteilungen/