Sa, 28. Jun. 2014   Hoppe, Gina

“CIO Handbuch 2014/15” released

The "CIO Handbuch 2014/15" has been released and is now available on Symposion Publishing’s website (see link below). Dr. Andreas Drechsler and Prof. Frederik Ahlemann contributed to the book with their chapter on “IT project portfolio management,” written in collaboration with Pouyan Parvahan of Cassini Consulting GmbH, Düsseldorf. The chapter provides an overview of the goals of IT project portfolio management, the corresponding process, organizational structures, and, finally, the steps required to first introduce IT project portfolio management to an IT organization. The goal of the “CIO Handbuch 2014/15” is to provide CIOs with the means to handle the current IT unit challenges and to realize the full potential of their IT, as well as recommendation on how to do so. Symposion Publishing website