Students studying Wirtschaftsinformatik (which roughly translates to Business Information Systems) at the University of Duisburg-Essen do so in an environment ideally suited to progressing their studies. The high number of associated research chairs means a broad range of subjects are offered, both to bachelor’s degree students and students of the bilingual master’s programme. At the same time, students can cover a broad set of research topics including both foundational research questions and practitioner projects. The latter offer the opportunity to develop and test innovative solutions in cooperation with renowned companies. Internationally, the Wirtschaftsinformatik courses at Essen enjoy a good reputation and students there will be connected with more than 20 other Universities via the international network IS:Link.

What is Wirtschaftsinformatik about?

Situated between the disciplines of Economics and Computer Science, the Wirtschaftsinformatik discipline strives to support the digital transformation that organizations face today by conceptualizing and developing innovative technologies.

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Why study in Essen?

With its numerous professorships in Wirtschaftsinformatik, Business Administration and Computer Science, the University of Duisburg-Essen can deliver a broad range of interesting topics. Furthermore, the city of Essen provides great opportunities for leisure and is home to many international companies.

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