Why did you decide to take the Master's programme in Business Information Systems at the UDE?

"Already at school I was particularly interested in subjects such as mathematics, computer science and economics. The choice of Business Information Systems was therefore particularly easy for me. In my search for a suitable study location, I finally decided on Essen, as Essen is very centrally located in the heart of the Ruhr area. Due to the positive experiences during my Bachelor's degree, I decided to complete my Master's degree in Essen."

What did you notice positively during your studies?

"Within the Bachelor's degree you already have several options to choose subjects according to your own preferences. In addition, many subjects offer group work with which students can apply their newly acquired skills in practice. In the last two semesters in particular, independent, scientific work is once again placed in the foreground. Interested students can obtain a rich picture of what follows in a possible Master's programme by writing seminar papers and Bachelor's theses."