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Type of Publication: Article in Collected Edition

Four Shades of Customer: How Value Flows in Fintech Ecosystems

Woroch, Robert; Strobel, Gero; Wulfert, Tobias
Title of Anthology:
ICIS 2022 Proceedings
Copenhagen, Denmark
Publication Date:
Fintech, Ecosystem, Value Modelling, Business Model, Multi-Case Study
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International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2022
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The financial sector is undergoing a massive transformation, with new technology-driven players challenging established mechanisms and transforming the sector into a fast-moving market. With the gradual transition from a scale economy to a platform-driven network economy, enterprise networks are gaining strategic importance. Despite the growing interest in fintech’s, research has so far lacked a conceptualization of value creation in fintech ecosystems. Therefore, this research paper aims to analyze key players, value creation activities, and value streams based on the analysis of the business models of payment services, personal financial management, robo-advisory, peer-to-peer lending, trading, and cryptocurrency. We present a holistic value network for the fintech ecosystem based on structured literature review and analysis of 171 fintech companies. We were able to show that fintech platform orchestrates multiple market sides and that customers take four distinct roles at the center of the ecosystem when using fintech services.