Arrival by public transport

Centrally located in the Ruhr area, you can reach the Campus Essen quickly and conveniently by public transport. The following stops and lines are available within short distance of the campus.

StopLineWalk to the campus
Universität EssenU11, U17, SB16, 166approx. 200m
Universitätsstraße196approx. 100m
Rheinischer Platz101, 103, 105, 106, 109, 145, 196approx. 400m
Viehofer Platz107, 108, 154, 155approx. 600m
Berliner PlatzU18approx. 600m

All of the above lines (with the exception of lines 103 and 109) also run via Essen Central Station.

From 23:30h the Ruhrbahn has a dedicated night timetable. Then you can take the lines NE1, NE2 (Viehofer Platz), NE10 (Berliner Platz), NE 11, NE12 (Rheinischer Platz) or NE16 (Universität Essen) to the campus.

For further information and current traffic information we recommend the Ruhrbahn website.