Fri, 28. Mar. 2014   Jendrian, Simon

Vacant master thesis: An energy utility capability map - The missing link in the unbundled energy market

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management is currently offering a master thesis topic to develop a capability heat map for the energy sector within the framework of a study. The study aims at assessing these capabilities, which is where IT leaders see the greatest potential for new innovations. A capability map shows the competencies and functions of a company, which are most important for the success of the business as a whole. A heat map is a visualization of capabilities that currently require the most attention. Background: The industry network Innovative Information Systems for the Energy Sector (IIS4Energy), which the universities of Mannheim and Duisburg-Essen lead, is a network aimed at energy supply companies, network operators, and public utility companies to develop innovative concepts for business information systems and their management in the energy sector. The network, like the energy sector itself, consists of various organizations with different processes and varying terminologies, which seriously hampers communication and IT innovations across corporate boundaries. The goal of the master thesis is to tackle this problem by identifying energy-related capabilities that IT currently supports poorly, or that are of special interest for actual IT innovations. In order to realize this goal, the candidate will have to gather information on the needs of energy suppliers by means of interviews with relevant stakeholders and by conducting online surveys. Subsequently, he or she has to aggregate the analyzed results to a specific capability heat map, showing where there is the greatest need for IT innovation. If you are interested in this master thesis, please contact david.hoffmann (at) Please attach a current transcript (“Leistungsnachweis”) to your e-mail.