Fri, 24. Nov. 2023   Korn, Falco

Prof. Ahlemann is now on YouTube

We are glad to announce that Professor Ahlemann launched his new YouTube channel that deals with questions and topics regarding personal productivity.

The channel will cover, among others, content about the following topics:

  • Practical Advice: Learn actionable techniques to enhance your efficiency, set and achieve goals, and manage your time effectively
  • Scientifically Supported Insights: Dive into scientifically supported insights and research-based approaches
  • Mindset Mastery: Discover how to overcome procrastination, stay motivated, and maintain a positive mindset for sustained success.
  • Podcasts with interesting guests who will share their experiences and insights on personal productivity.  

The content is made available on social media because it is particularly relevant to students and therefore can find its way even beyond the lecture halls. Nonetheless, the desire is to bring zero-cost information about science and science-related tools to the general public, and it can also inspire professionals.

Feel free to subscribe to „Prof.Ahlemann“ on your favorite social media platforms to not miss any content. Additionally, you can interact with Frederik and fellow subscribers through comments and engaging discussions. Subscribe to „Prof.Ahlemann“ here:
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