Wed, 29. Nov. 2023   Korn, Falco

Erik Karger successfully passed his dissertation disputation

We are thrilled to share that Erik Karger has triumphantly completed the disputation of his dissertation, titled “Essays on Blockchain Applications and Data Management” on September 21st, 2023.

Mr. Karger dedicated his research to advancing the realm of blockchain applications and data management. His dissertation encompasses discussions on the phenomenon of decentralization and aims to investigate the blockchain and recent developments in data management. This involves an investigation of blockchain applied in smart cities and in connection with artificial intelligence, as well as research about inter-organizational data governance and data ecosystems. Research methods used in the essays of this work include systematic literature reviews, interview-based studies, bibliometric studies, and agent-based simulation.

As a chair, we extend heartfelt congratulations to Erik Karger and wish him a rewarding and fruitful journey in his future career endeavors.