Thu, 29. Oct. 2020   Mario Nolte

Introductory sessions for Master and Bachelor students and first steps for the courses offered in winter term 2020/21

For the start of the winter term 2020/21 our research group produced several videos in which we present our courses as well as details of our teaching formats. Bachelor students participating in the module Enterprise Modelling 1 will now find the video in the corresponding Moodle course (ID 8747). Master students will find the video in the Moodle course of the module IBIS 2 (ID 997) and the module Advanced Topics in Information Systems (ID 998). Seminarists can also find an introduction video in the Moodle course 'Hauptseminar WISEM am Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Unternehmensmodellierung' (ID 8831). The access data for the respective Moodle courses can be found after selecting the module in the "Material" section, after you have logged in with your ZIM account. The next steps are described in the respective PDF document. The next activities and concrete dates are depending on the course:

  • Enterprise Modelling 1: Please watch the provided video until November, 3rd and choose one of four offered dates for this first part in the Moodlekurs under 'Date selection for the 1st interactive session for introduction' until November, 3rd, 9:00 am. You will receive the access data for your chosen session by e-mail in the morning of November, 3rd.
  • Integration of of Information Systems 2: The introductory session for Master students will take place on November,3rd from 18:00 hrs. You will find the access data in Moodle. Please note that the next session on IBIS 2 will take place on November, 10th.
  •  Advanced Topics in Information Systems: The first session will take place in classroom mode on Wednesday, November, 4th from 8:30 a.m. in compliance with corona savety measures. Please register for this in the Moodlekurs via "Attendance first Session" by November 3rd, 6:00 pm. Registered participants will then receive the room by e-mail.
  • Seminarists: Please watch the video provided in Moodlekurs 8831. Afterwards, please watch the video 'Introduction to scientific work (Prof. Frank; recording from WS2019/20)' and / or read the "Guide to the creation of scientific work in business informatics" by Frank et al. 2007. Try to summarize the points that are important to you in such a way that you can give a summary in about 3 minutes at the interactive session on November, 12th at 6:00 p.m. Please also take part in the workshop on scientific work on November, 13th.

In addition to the videos, the project descriptions for this semester's student projects are now online. Please note that two more projects may follow in the next days. The application deadline for all student projects ends on November, 14th at 23:59.