Tue, 03. Nov. 2020   Mario Nolte

Our contribution to the PoEM Conference 2020

On November 25., Sybren de Kinderen will present the paper “Towards Extending the Validation Possibilities of ADOxx with Alloy” at the 13th international conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM). The paper, co-authored with Qin Ma (from the University of Luxembourg) and Monika Kaczmarek-Heß, deals with the establishing of a relation between two meta modeling platforms: ADOxx, and Alloy. This relation allows for capitalizing on the complementary strengths of the respective platforms: ADOxx for the creation and use of enterprise modeling languages, and ADOxx for the specification and check of well formedness rules.

Under the circumstances, the PoEM conference, originally slated to take place in Riga, will in this edition take place online.