Mon, 02. Nov. 2020   Karger, Erik

Access to the courses of the SITM Chair in the fall term 2020/21

As announced by the university, lectures in the winter semester 2020/2021 will commence on the November 2nd. However, in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the lectures and courses are held digitally. This means, no lectures that require physical attendance at the university will take place.  


Students are expected to register in LSF until 13.11.2020 to later receive an E-Mail with the Moodle password. However, the first introductory session (virtual) will start on 04.11.2020. Therefore, it is highly recommended to register beforehand. 

Organizational Behavior 

Students are expected to register in LSF until 13.11.2020 to later receive an E-Mail with the Moodle password. However, the first introductory session (virtual) will start on 04.11.2020. Therefore, it is highly recommended to register beforehand. 

Information Systems Research 

Students who want to participate in the Information Systems Research course, are requested to please write an email to Helge Schmermbeck. Please use your address, indicate your full name and your matriculation number. On the day of the first ISR session, you will be enrolled to the moodle course.  

IS (Master) Project 

In the winter term, the SITM chair offers an IS (master) project. This IS project asks students to i) design nudges that respect and address a person’s personality in order to ii) design and develop a mobile app so that these nudges can be delivered to app users to influence them toward more pro-environmental behavior. Students who are interested in participating in this project may apply either individually, or as a group via email to Helge Schmermbeck (Deadline: 03.11.2020 23:59). Please include a) a current grade transcript and b) a brief motivational letter. Further information can be found in the project description attached.